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Guro Jeff Chung

Neo Tribe Kali has classes scheduled for Flushing, Queens ONLY.

Class times Sunday mornings.

Private lessons by appointment.

See Fees and Schedule Page.


No one under 23 years of age will be accepted as a student here.

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Neo Tribe Kali is an aggressive form of self-protection skills that focuses upon successful outcomes in personal physical encounters. In order to understand and best prepare for potential conflict in the streets and elsewhere, all students are taught to recognize REAL violence and learn necessary preparation for survival.

Neo Tribe Kali focuses its emphasis upon practical skills centered around understanding the use of various blades and edged weapons. Our training consists of solo and partner practice to develop timing, awareness, agility, skills, spirit, strength and courage. Neo Tribe Kali training is NOT for the masses, but rather we want serious, and dedicated individuals looking for a home where they can learn and develop, while training in serious skills.

Neo Tribe Kali specializes in the use of and understanding of how to manage blades of all sizes, and we have one of the most extensive training curriculums available in the use of the Bowie Knife and Kerambit as well.

Neo Tribe Kali does practice and teach stickwork. But frankly, our emphasis is on empty hand skills and knife training. IF you are very interested in stickwork, you may be better off seeking another school of training.

The roots of Neo Tribe Kali comes from Guro Jeff's research and study in many Filipino Martial Arts over a 20+ year span. He has studied Modern Arnis, Balintawak, Sina Tirsia Wali, the JKD Lacoste/Inosanto Blend, and Serrada, and also Sayoc Kali. 

Neo Tribe Kali has proven itself over and over on the streets of New York City. Our students have successfully engaged and overcome others that would have caused harm in hospitals, nursing homes, bars, housing projects and private homes. Law enforcement and private citizens alike have benefited from training in Neo Tribe Kali.

Guro Jeff has had 6 students in the last 12 years that have gone head to head with aggressors wielding knives against them. Guro Jeff's students were all empty handed and were able to STOP their attackers successfully without knives or guns. In the most recent incident, one student survived against several bladed attackers in the Bronx. He survived without injury. How many other schools can make this statement?

Guro Jeff teaches responsibility and seriousness in his classes. He has even served as an expert witness for the Brooklyn DA's office, on the use of a karambit.

For information, email Guro Jeff

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